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Creators have been revealed, which brings our exchange to a close. Thank you to everyone who participated, pinch hit, or helped promote the exchange. If you have not yet thanked your gifter, please remember to do so.
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Thanks to our last pinch hit recipient volunteering to wait for their gift, we will be having reveals at the top of the hour. (55 minutes from now.) This is your last edit warning.

Edit: The collection is now revealed.
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The original reveal time has passed, as we are waiting for the last pinch hitter. The collection will open no earlier than one hour after that recipient has a gift. (I will be posting an hour warning, as soon as I see that a gift has been posted.)
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The deadline has passed. Right now, there are no new pinch hits and the collection is schedule to open on time.
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A little over two hours until the assignment deadline remain. (Unless you have a PH or you've contacted me today.)

If your fic is in draft mode, please be sure to post it.
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Due to many requests for extensions, I am extending the due date for everybody to the end of Monday Eastern time (three extra days). If you have an extension or PH due date for after this, that would still stand.

The recipient of Pinch Hit #1 has graciously reached out to me to ask me to let everyone know that they are happy with something below the minimum word count, or based on only a bit of the canon. There's no need to claim this PH; if you would like to write them a treat, you can just post it.
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The assignment deadline is tomorrow (CLOCK). If you need an extension, please let me know as soon as possible!

There is still an unclaimed pinch hit here. (Jake and the Fatman, Nash Bridges, Magnum PI, The Gangster Chronicles). This and any other one that may follow post-deadline will be due June 16.

ETA: The first clock was wrong. It should be right now. The due time is at Midnight Eastern.
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We have one week left until assignments are due!

We still have two pinch hits.

Pinch Hit #9: Coot Club, Dear Ladies, 101 Dalmatians, The Persuaders, Terrahawks - CLAIMED

Pinch Hit #1: Jake and the Fatman, Nash Bridges, Magnum PI, The Gangster Chronicles

Secondly, I would like to help promote some pinch hits in another exchange, the Everywoman exchange.

They can be claimed here.

The fandoms are:
Dexter, Homeland, Line of Duty
The Transformers, Transformers Animated, Transformers: Rescue Bots, Steven Universe
Haven, Angel, Eureka
Is the Order a Rabbit?, Hanyamta, Day Break Illusion, Vampire Knight

Pinch Hits

May. 30th, 2016 07:16 pm
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If you can do either of these, please comment with your AO3 name. Comments are screened, anon is on. These pinch hits will be due on June 16.

Pinch Hit #9: Coot Club, Dear Ladies, 100 Dalmatians, The Persuaders, Terrahawks - CLAIMED )


PH #1: Jake and the Fatman, Nash Bridges, Magnum PI, The Gangster Chronicles
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Two weeks are left until the deadline for posting your assignments! We still have one pinch hit left and that, along with any other pinch hits that should come out after right now, will be due on June 16. The collection will not be revealed until everyone who fulfilled their assignment has a qualifying gift.

PH #1: Jake and the Fatman, Nash Bridges, Magnum PI, The Gangster Chronicles
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Please comment with your AO3 name to claim. Comments are screened, anon is on. Please also remember the remaining pinch hit from earlier:
PH #1: Jake and the Fatman, Nash Bridges, Magnum PI, The Gangster Chronicles

PH #8: Jane Austen, Dawson's Creek, Possession- CLAIMED  )
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This is your official reminder that this exchange exists and your assignments are due on Friday, June 10, at 11:59 PM EDT. (Countdown)

There is still one unclaimed pinch hit remaining.

Jake and the Fatman, Nash Bridges, Magnum PI, The Gangster Chronicles
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Assignments are out! Please let me know ASAP if there are any problems with your assignment. Problems would include that you didn't actually offer any of the things they're requesting, etc. If you just don't like the optional details, remember that they are optional, although you should avoid anything your recipient has listed as "Do Not Want." All you are required to do is produce fic/art (whichever was requested) in the requested fandom with the requested characters/relationships. You may have only matched on one of these and that's okay. You only need to include one, though you may include as many as you like, and even create as many works as you like.

If you didn't get an assignment email, try your Assignments page on AO3. It is http://archiveofourown.org/users/YOURNAME/assignments, with your username going where I have written YOURNAME. It should be there. When you're ready to post, you can click "Fulfill" and it will automatically fill in the collection and your recipient's name. This is recommended over filling those in yourself. The collection is open, so you can post your work and any treats whenever you are ready. If you're posting a treat and thus don't have an assignment, you can post to the collection here.

This is an anonymous exchange. Please don't try to contact your recipient. I am more than happy to act as a go-between for any questions or clarifications you need.

Lastly, if you don't think you can complete your assignment, please let me know sooner rather than later. You don't need to contact me with an explanation. Just clicking "default" on your assignments is enough. Initial pinch hits will be up very soon, so keep watching this comm.

Good luck! Have fun! Let me know if you have questions!
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Sign-ups are now closed and I will be running matching. Please keep an eye on the e-mail you used to sign up because I might be contacting you if you are unmatchable on offers. (If you are unmatchable on requests, you will go straight to the pinch hit list.) Assignments should be out by April 1, assuming everything goes relatively smoothly.

ETA: Matching is complete and there are 4 people without potential recipients.
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This is your reminder that sign-ups are open, and due to a request to extend them (since it is a holiday weekend, which I didn't take into account when I drew up the initial calendar), they will close at noon on Monday. What time is this for me?

Sign up here. Since requests are visibile here, please try to make sure that there is somebody you can write/draw for. You can adjust your offers (and requests) until sign-ups close. If you don't have any possible recipient when sign-ups close, I will be contacting you to either adjust your offers or delete your sign-up, if there's absolutely nothing being requested you can write/draw. The fewer people I have to do this for, the sooner assignments can go out.
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Sign-ups are open!

The sign-up form is here.

The tag set is here. It is recommended that you consult the tag set as you sign up, because there is a known AO3 glitch where some characters/relationships do not automatically appear in the drop down menu. You can copy and paste them from the tag set, because for your sign-up to go through, they must match exactly. This is particularly important in this exchange because of the "group:" thing, as we are using some unusual or non-canonical tags in some places.

You are allowed to request 3-6 fandoms, with 1-6 characters/relationships, and offer 4-10 fandoms, with 2-10 characters/relationships. You may also offer/request "any" characters/relationships. That means any characters/relationships in the tag set, so be sure to look at them to make sure you'd be happy writing/drawing/receiving each of them.

Optional details is a space for you to write some prompts or expound on why you like this fandom or these characters/relationships. They are optional both for you to write and for your creator to use, but many people find them useful. If you'd prefer to write your optional details on your own platform like LJ you can link to your post in the Letter Link field.

Sign-ups close on March 25. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!
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